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Donate In-kind

It is through your generousity that we are able to continue supporting our beneficiaries and their families as well as maintaining our centre.

For our weekend home activity & centre

​We try to make our space as homely as possible for the Glyph kids. Here is a list of items we are long for to furnish our centre further or for the kids to use when they are here over the weekend. 

View our full wishlist items here.


If you would like to donate second-hand items, please contact us before sending anything over. Some items that we can accept include; 

  • low shelves (to store books and board games)

  • storage boxes

  • storybooks

  • board games

We are also on the lookout for any lunch sponsors for the kids. 

For our beneficiaries

Every now and then, we host events or celebrations where we give out goodie bags to our beneficiaries. It can be a range of items from snacks, stationeries, bottles, gadgets and more. 


Join us if you want to help put a smile on their faces. 

Here are some of our sponsors over the years.

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