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What Makes Us Special

Discover how your child can grow at Glyph

Glyph Community is a charitable organisation that is changing the way children learn & play through a proprietary developmental framework and a socially connected community, where children are able to develop socially, culturally, psychologically and intellectually.

The Glyph experience is a learning journey built through environment, field trips, and people. Every child in Glyph is guided along our developmental framework as they grow from child to youth.

At Glyph, we encourage children to explore in and outside the classroom so they can gain the confidence and skills they need to thrive in today's highly competitive, globalized world.

Incorporating a warm and welcoming community, members can settle easily into their new environment and cultivate relationships that last a lifetime. That way, they can truly flourish not just as individuals but as future leaders.


Glyph provides a safe and conducive Environment for children to master fundamental concepts, and cultivate their values system

Beginning with exposure to a wide range of activities from sports, arts, technology and life skills, children can build up a breadth of knowledge and skills.

This is done through an environment that encourages self-directed and hands-on learning, empowering children to take ownership of their education.


As they gain mastery and begin to show more interest in specific activities, we provide them with the opportunity to delve deeper and develop more specialised skill sets.


Beyond the classroom, Field Trips give children real-world exposure

Children must be taught how the real world works, as only then will they be able to go out there and solve real-life problems.


By applying fundamental concepts taught in the classroom, field trips are where the majority of learning takes place. Research has shown that learning by doing is most effective for retaining knowledge.


By getting children actively involved in real-life application, Glyph enables them to achieve the best learning outcomes.


From early childhood to secondary school, the People at Glyph make up an all-inclusive community that truly feels like Home

Open and effective communication between parents, child and the Glyph team is our priority.


That way, you can freely voice your opinion as a parent and feel more involved in your child's educational experience.


Our instructors take the time to know every child on an individual level. That way, they can personalize a member's learning experience based on their unique needs and interests.


To ensure we deliver outstanding quality, Glyph instructors are hand-picked based on their shared values, passionate hearts, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


As a result, children benefit from consistent, high-quality learning and an inclusive, positive environment where they can develop bonds with mentors and peers alike.

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