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Igniting Hope
Inspiring Courage

Our Weekend Home Activity runs every weekend from 10am - 5pm with activities such as 



Life Skills

Field trips


Get in touch to find how your child can join!


Weekend Activity Home

Looking for activities for your child to attend over the weekends? Join us for weekends filled with free* classes and endless fun learning experiences!

Glyph Community

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Glyph Community is a children's charity aiming to advance opportunities for underprivileged children and youth in Singapore to access world-class holistic development, through conducting weekly non-academic activities and programmes, which are structured around a developmental framework and a socially connected community.


Activity Highlights

What Our Glyph Parents Say

"Glyph is a really great place for your kids to learn and grow outside of the classroom, with many fun filled activities!"

Cheryl, Glyph Parent