Our Story

How we grew from a small initiative to a 3000sqft centre and supported over 2000 beneficiaries.

People lacking the resources, exposure and a conducive environment from very young lack the confidence, skills and relationships to capitalize on opportunities in life. When they try to acquire these skills and networks later on in life, it's so much more difficult for them to succeed and break out of a vicious cycle.


Glyph Community disrupts this cycle by offering kids and youth from lower-income households or challenging family environments access to affordable privileges in life. It is our mission to continuously endeavour new ways to combat obscene inequality and to equalise opportunities among the social classes.

Glyph has 2 main divisions - our social enterprise and our charity. 

Our charity arm, Glyph Community, focuses on supporting children and youth from disadvantaged families. 

Glyph was started by a group of friends as a small initiative back in 2017 to help families-in-need in the Bukit Merah area. They believed that the key to success lies beyond good grades. Building on soft skills is imperative for growing children to eventually break free from this vicious cycle. They realized that many of them do not have the opportunity to discover and learn new skills. A lack of a conducive environment sets them back even further. 

Initially, classes were conducted once a week with a small group of 5 kids.

Eventually, the organisation started to grow as more families believe in what we do and how we are helping their children. Besides conducting classes, Glyph does food distribution for almost every seasonal celebration.

From a small initiative, we became a social enterprise and all was well until covid struck. 

We managed to brave through the first wave of challenges and even moved to a bigger centre in Beach Road. We even extended our classes to the ComLink centres in Marsiling and Boon Lay. However, as time passed, we were unable to avoid the damages covid brought.

Luckily, our application as a charity was approved last year. With an accomplished board of directors and Minister Desmond Lee as patron, we are better able to serve the families in need. That is just the start of our new journey with many challenges ahead.


Despite our many pivots and changes (we'd prefer to call them innovation), Glyph will always stick true to its vision, mission and values.


Glyph Core Values



Glyph lets kids be themselves. We encourage kids to say what they mean, and we enable them to mean what they say.



We maintain a highly participative learning environment whereby children are encouraged to speak up and voice opinions about matters.



Glyph kids understand that change starts with them, and they are given the chance to show initiative and take charge of their learning.



We give kids space to tackle challenges on their own, while constantly encourage kids to embrace failure and to keep trying.



Glyph instructors lead by example, by demonstrating graciousness, gratitude, and being unafraid to admit their mistakes.