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Glow and Grow

We believe that every child deserves a safe and conducive environment to learn.

Child at the heart of what we do

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


We sow the seeds for the next generation. From character-building to learning soft skills and life skills, a Glyph Teacher makes a lasting impact on children's lives, helping them overcome challenges and build a brighter future.


Glyph focuses on values-based learning because we want our Glyph Kids to excel beyond the classroom to become successful individuals. Our Glyph teachers experience the satisfaction of watching our Glyph Kids grow and succeed, finding true purpose in our work.


Join a collaborative community of like-minded colleagues who share your passion for helping children. Foster a sense of belonging through regular home visits, phone calls and parent-teacher meetings to build a supportive community around our Glyph Kid.


The world is changing every day, and so must we! As teachers, we develop valuable transferable skills in communication, problem-solving and cultural sensitivity. This translates to piloting new lessons so that our Glyph Kids are ready for the future. 

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Job Openings


Community Outreach Intern

Calling all compassionate students! Embark on a rewarding journey as a Community Outreach Intern at our children's charity. Work closely with our dedicated team to create and implement impactful initiatives that uplift the lives of children in need. 

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Recruiting new beneficiaries (community visits, calls)

  • Engaging beneficiaries (paid activities, registration renewals)

  • Preparing and executing activities

  • Cleaning up the centre and organising inventory

  • Student administration and customer service (managing attendance and post-activity feedback sheets, answering queries, resolving complaints)

  • Managing volunteers during activities (giving instructions, briefing & debriefing)

  • Social Media

  • Recruiting volunteers 

  • Creating lesson slides 

  • We are happy to explore progression into full-time or part-time roles for interns who are committed to supporting our cause

Embark on a career that makes a difference

Drop us an email with your CV, resume and tell us why you would like to join us!

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