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No one chooses which family or environment they are born into. Unfortunately, less privileged children face many hardships and setbacks from young. They lack good role models or a conducive environment to thrive or even opportunities to go try cycling. These could be the results of financial constraints, lack of emotional support and guidance.

Through our holistic education programmes, we aim to help kids and youth find their passion and strengths through alternative subject areas that they might not have the opportunity to explore. Moreover, we strive to provide them a conducive environment to learn and grow. We believe that with the right guidance, they can change their lives around and break that cycle.

You can help by making a donation. Even a small giving will go a long way in helping them to discover different opportunities.

Here are the different ways you can choose to donate.

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UEN 202118099N 

Glyph Community Ltd

100% goes to our organisation

 Please include your name/contact in the reference in Paynow so we drop a confirmation text.


Feel free to drop us a message about the donation you would like to make via this form.

Please write the cheque to Glyph Community Ltd

and mail it to

275 Beach Road, Level 3, S(199549)

Do include your name and contact as well.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much