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Make A Donation

Here are the different ways you can choose to donate

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UEN 202118099N 

Glyph Community Ltd

100% goes to our organisation

 Please include your name/contact in the reference in Paynow so we drop a confirmation text


Feel free to drop us a message about the donation you would like to make via the contact us form below!

Please write the cheque to Glyph Community Ltd

and mail it to

275 Beach Road, Level 3, S(199549)

Do include your name and contact as well.


Help make the weekend space as homely as possible for the kids. Please contact us so we can ensure that your contribution does not go to waste!


- Food (Lunch & Snacks)

- Arts & Craft (Origami paper, A4 paper, Tape)

- Toys & Games (Board games, sports equipment)

Your Impact

$5000 & below

Sponsor A Child

Contribution: $1200

Impact: Open the doors to one year of transformative experiences at Glyph for a child whose family is under government aid.

With your generous support, we can welcome more children into the Glyph Community. By sponsoring a child, you empower them to participate in our full catalogue of enriching activities and programs, held every weekend.

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Sponsor Our Rent

Contribution: $5000

Impact: Provide one month of rent for our Glyph center at Beach Road.


Our Beach Road centre serve as a home away from home for our kids during the weekends. Your support is crucial in maintaining these nurturing spaces.

Your Impact

$10,000 & below

Computational Thinking STEM Program

Contribution: $8000

Impact: 4 sessions of CT for 30 Glyph Children

In an increasingly tech-driven world, your support ensures our kids stay ahead and embrace the power of computational thinking.

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Screenshot 2023-08-05 120452.png

Future Ready Kids! Bootcamp

Contribution: $10,000

Impact: 4 workshops + 1 learning journey revolving around lifeskills for 30 children. 

Help us equip kids for a bright and successful future! The Future Ready Kids! Series focuses on essential skills such as financial and digital literacy, nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Your Impact

10,000 & Up

Sponsor Our Regular Kids

Contribution: $12000

Impact: Keep the doors open to the top 10 regular attending children from families under government aid for a full year.


Your sponsorship will continue to bring smiles to the faces of these joyous and vibrant kids.

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Customise a Program

Impact: Make a unique and lasting impact on young lives by creating a customized program in collaboration with Glyph.

Support our children's charity dinner and sponsor a program that resonates with your heart. Together, let's nurture a brighter future for the next generation!

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