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Giving back!

I feel that teens can do so much more to help the community.

For one, there is so much more we can do to help the elderly adapt to emerging technologies. In the near future, when almost everything in the world goes digital, how and where can they find help if they can't adapt? We should all play a more active role to ensure a smoother transition for these seniors instead of simply giving up, on them. Just because some may pick up technology slower, doesn't mean that they don't deserve to enjoy the convenience that technology may ever bring to their life. On my part, whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I will always lend a helping hand and address my neighbours' queries or problems when they are using online applications like Facebook or Healthy365.

While there has been greater activism amongst the youths, I feel that we can do so much more. There are many organisations out there who are willing to reach out to youths, like me, so we are able to find and volunteer in a cause that we are interested in. There are also many platforms such as and which help connect volunteers to beneficiaries. For instance, Lions Befrienders supports the elderly in the community or Red Cross which supports people with disabilities and so on. On my part, I have helped to distribute Chinese New Year (CNY) hampers and lunch to the elderly at Lions Befrienders @ Meiling Street. I have also brought joy and laughter by accompanying them to Lian Wah Hang Farm to see quails and quail eggs. I have even accompanied people with disabilities from Red Cross to Gardens by the Bay even though it may seem hard to believe. To make them learn a thing or two from the learning journeys and feel that they have a role to play in Singapore makes me a happy girl!

" I feel that teens can do so much more to help the community."

Fortunately, my secondary school, Queensway Secondary School encouraged us to initiate and lead our own Self Initiated VIA project to help a less-fortunate group in society that my friends and I are passionate and concerned about. Through the course of the project, we managed to raise awareness and funds through selling snacks and merchandise provided by Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS), an organisation which provides a shelter for homeless animals. What gives me the motivation to execute this Self Initiated VIA project is knowing that the help I offered will go a long way in ensuring that the homeless animals will always have a roof above their heads as the funds that have been collected may be used to build kennels. I have never regretted executing this Self Initiated VIA project as it has allowed me to learn how to communicate effectively and appropriately with others.

I encourage all youths out there to volunteer more and reach out to serve the community, you never know what you will learn from these opportunities :)

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